Thursday, September 18, 2008

fixing a broken heart

i wish someone would come and make love so simple. someone who would take all this hurt away, who wouldn't betray the trust and faith i've put in him.
that's my biggest mistake.
i have too much faith when i'm in love. i truly believe things will get better when it's at their worst. it's almost as if nothing can break my love except if i were deeply, badly hurt multiple times.
i mean, how stupid can i be?
i dunno. people are always saying you need to love yourself before you love anyone else. but it's just so simple to say yet so hard to do. i mean, you can never time exactly when you're going to fall for someone can you? and i guess you can never really predict who you're going to fall for. it's not a matter of whether you're ready for something or not . that's fine if you know it's not going to happen unless you want it to.
but love's just not like that.
love comes up on you when you least expect it.
it comes up on you when you're heartbroken, dreams fallen apart. love comes when you're having coffee at a cafe, eating a burger at a fast food joint. love comes when you're at the hospital, in the middle of chaos.
it makes u suddenly unaware of the world.
love makes you think of hope in a relationship torn apart by fights, quarrels, and arguments. it makes you think silly things that you regret later.
and nothing hurts more when love betrays your trust and faith.
it hurts more than being physically torn apart.
and then it's just me and my broken heart.
happy fixing.