Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 10 Sweet Nothings He's Said to Me

He's the most unromantic person I know. And I've had my share of boyfriends. So keep in mind that this list might be like, the ONLY romantic things he's ever said to me in the whole one year and five months we've been together. And that's why I appreciate the hell out of it. And that's also why I remember what he said. It's all been translated in English though, because it sounds less corny that way. Hehe.

#10. Putting up on his MySpace "i love my honey".

#9. I wish you had met me first before all the other jerks!

#8. When we broke up, I was terrified someone might take you away from me.

#7. For you, I will.

#6. I love your cooking.

#5. I can't go a day without texting you.

#4. I tell all my friends how pretty you are.

#3. You're the first girl I've ever truly loved.

#2.I love you so much more right now because we've been through a lot and you've always been patient with me when I was not.

#1. You make me fall in love with you, no matter how much I try not to.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

movie reviews

There is only one word to describe this movie. Hillarious. Seriously klaka gle! And sweet too.

As everyone might already know, this movie is about Rebecca Bloomwood, shopaholic and up to her eyeballs in debt. It's a lucky thing she has smart ideas, though. That really helped her in her work and her fresh, colourful ideas made people at the boring finance magazine turn heads. She's clumsy up to the point of being disastrous but she's a cute disaster. Totally lovable. And I love what she's wearing in all the scenes, though some things she wore might have been OTT for my taste. But most made my eyes pop.

I think the funniest part in the movie was when she lied that the debt collector stalking her at work was her crazy ex-boyfriend. Her boss believed every word and even called security!

When I went to watch this movie (which was real later than everyone else, I know practically everyone has watched this movie), I was torn between this movie and Jangan Tegur. Because my boyfriend is a real chicken, we ended up watching shopaholic. And I didn't regret it at all. Though we ended up quarelling at KFC. But I loved the movie. Hated the date.

So if you're like me and haven't seen the outside world in a while, go see this movie! Personally, I don't read chick lit but this movie was awesome.

Another movie I watched last night was Coming Soon, a Thai horror film. This one I bought the dvd at Tmn Midah pasar malam. I was looking for Jangan Tegur ( x puas ati, nak tengok gak!) but it's a chinese night market so there weren't any Malay films. I think that was a tad racist but whatever. I cari tempat lain nnt.

This horror movie is about a haunted movie. Ade org mati during the filming so the movie is cursed ke ape cmtu. I didn't really understand coz the dvd subtitles didn't make sense but it scared me shitless anyway. In horror movies, you don't really have to understand now, do you? As long as the images are horrifying. I think this movie made me scream the loudest in a very long time. Kesian Sue pekak duk sebelah I! hehe.

The ending wasn't really good but I didn't care so much coz I didn't understand so much bout the movie anyway. Hurmmm.. so I'd give it 4 stars? Something like that.

Tido smlm x tutup lampu. Takut. Asyik terbayang2!

I still nk tgk Jangan Tegur. Akan ku cari dvd nye sampai dapat!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I can't stand evil people!!

Ask a kid what he wants to be when he grows up. Most will probably answer you, "doctor!" without a moment's hesitation. But what does a kid know about being a doctor? Probably that he's the rich guy who cures people and everyone looks up to him. Someone to be respected. Someone who his parents told him they want him to be when he grows up. Why? They probably want to be proud of their child and be able to tell their friends, siblings, and practically anyone who will listen, "My son is a doctor" (shoulders straight, grim face, a my-son-will-teach-you-a-lesson-if-u-mess-with-me smile pasted on their face).

Don't get me wrong.

A doctor is a noble profession. One that nurses can't do without. But PLEASE. PLEASE dream of being a doctor for the right reasons. Not for money. Not for status. And definitely not for bragging rights. It's just freakin annoying and you won't be doing your job well. And it's stressful for other medical staff who has to work with you!
If you want to be a doctor, do it because you want to cure people. You want to help others. You want to lessen the pain in this world. You want to go to war-torn countries and be a hero.

Whatever it is, don't let it be because of status.
Why am I so bothered by this?

Case No 1:
In the radiology department, me and two of my friends were waiting in the observation room for a patient doing a CT scan. The patient is unconscious so the 3 of us, a doctor, a health attendant, and a few other people had to lift the patient and stuff. It was sort of tiring but I didn't mind at all. So we were waiting in the observation room and then we saw on one of the computers, a woman (the radiologist, a doctor?) typing the report for our patient's CT brain. So of course la me and my frens leaned in a bit to get a closer look and kalo bley, nk gak tnye what was the result? But as soon as we got a bit closer, the evil woman turned around and said, "Ni buat ape ramai2 kat sini? Ish, pegi tempat lain la, takde oksigen!!".
Serious kalo takde oksigen, u brain infarct pon I buat x nampak. Haish, sakit ati nye!

Case No 2 :
At the emergency department, a patient in a cubicle was screaming in pain and begging me to do something to help her. She was in an accident. So I rushed to the doctor in charge and asked her, "doctor, boleh tak buat ape2 utk patient ER1? She's in terrible pain". And this doctor proceeded to look at my matric card, staring at it, and turned to the doctor next to her, saying "doctor F, adik ni tanye awk x nak buat apa2 ke patient awk tu sakit sangat2?" Her tone was really sarcastic and she just implied that I said the doctor "x nak buat apa2 for the patient"! The other doctor pandang I semacam and said, "saya tahu la ape nak buat!"
Eeeee...serious macam nk nangis dh pastu. I was only trying to help the patient. Jahat la doctor tu! EVIL!!!!

I have lots of exemplary cases. How some doctors treat us student nurses like we're lower than dirt and then expect us to run around grabbing stuff for them coz they're too lazy to move their own two feet. I don't mind helping you. But would it KILL you to be nice?! A friend of mine even got scolded by a doctor once when she mistakenly called her "Puan" because she didn't know she was a doctor. And the doctor's reply? "awk panggil sy ape? Penat sy belajar 6 thn, awk panggil sy puan?!"

Thankfully, I do know some really nice doctors. Those who treat us as equals and don't mind us asking silly questions. Some even teach you things while treating the patient and then says thank you for asking. Today I met a doctor at the A&E who was just so nice. He seemed to genuinely care about the patient, including little things like keeping the patient warm, something even the staff nurses sometimes overlook.

This is the type of doctor I like.
Genuine and down to earth.

But not only doctors are like this. Other medical staff can be pretty evil too. But let's face it, most of them are docs. Not only does it hurt to be insulted like that, it's positively stressful to work with someone like that. Luckily I'm a student. If I was a staff nurse and a doctor was EVER rude to me unnecessarily, that doctor would be invisible to me from that day on. One cold stare and that's it. Silent treatment and I don't even see you anymore, much less help you with ANY effing thing!

No need to shout insults and bring yourself to their level.

What I'm trying to say is, jangan lupa diri. Just because you're in a higher position now, never forget that it is not you who are curing people. It is God. We are merely doing His will as He has not created a disease without creating a cure. We are simply mediators for that cure.

So don't think you are God.

For once, don't treat anyone lesser than you would like to be treated yourself and for goodness sake, the patient is not an object! Look at him, talk to him, and comfort him. After all, who are we without our patients? We'd be unemployed, that's what.

Tolong la jangan riak ok!

And if I have kids and when he starts talking and people start to ask the inevitable question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?", I'd let him say whatever he wants. Let it be an ice-cream man, a space cowboy, a pink ballerina, even a spy. As long as he's doing what he wants and as long as it's a noble thing to do.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

and the jerk award goes to...

4.30 pm
Girl texts : u..u wtpe?
Boy texts : I bru pas class ni..mcm nk pengsan la
Girl texts : yeke..nape?
Boy texts : pning kepala gle la..
Girl texts : u dh mkn ke blum?
Boy texts : blum lg..
Girl texts : pegi la mkn..u x mkn mmg la pning..ade duit x?
Boy texts : i x larat la u, i nk tdo
Girl texts (nk mrh dh ni) : pegi la minum milo ais ke ape, u x ckup gula dlm darah tu taw, kang otak u x ley nk function, u pegi la minum manis2 dlu baru tdo..(explanation penuh saintifik!)
Boy texts : i x larat la u..k la, i nk tdo
Girl texts : Bye. (Translation : kalo nk mampos, ske ati ko ar)

6.00 pm
Girl calls boy and boy's friend picks up.
Girl : Asoi mane? (that's what they call him)
Friend : awk, asoi pegi hospital la, die gastric.
Girl (terkejut beruk!) : La yeke, sape bwk die? hospital mane?
Friend : urm, x taw la awk, kwn die bwk, sy x knl..die tgl fon die kt umah, die charge.
Girl : sepupu die bwk kot..erm, xpe la awk, ckp kt die lain kali x yah la mkn k, biar smpai pengsan, lain kali degil la lagi x nk dgr ckp org.
Friend : urm ok2..
Girl : kalo die dh balik nnt suro die call sy k, thx..
Friend : ok..

Girl dh risau gle ni, terus call sepupu die, sepupu die pon x taw pape, die ngah keje. Girl dh risau gle ni, terfikir gak nk pinjam kete sape2 drive g shah alam, kalo x dpt kete agak2 brape lame eh nk naik ktm? Nak call ayah die ke x eh? Ish..risau gile!!
Tibe2 boy miscall.
Girl pon cpt2 call blk. Mane taw kwn die ade berita baru kan.
Girl : hello? nape? sape ni?
Boy : U...
Girl : U dh ok dh ke? u ktne ni? u knape? (suara penuh kesedihan)
Boy : *Gelak sekuat hati*
Girl : U gelak ke u nangis ni?? kenapa ni?
Boy : April fool!!
Girl : (Blurr gle..ape die ni ckp ni??) wat? ape u ckp?
Boy : (Gelak makin kuat) April fool!!
Girl : (Masih x percaya) ape u ckp ni???
Boy : (Control gelak sket) April fool la yang..
Girl diam. Girl trus letak phone. Girl off phone. Girl x taw ble nk on phone. Girl malu sbb dh ngadu kt kwn n risau2 td. Girl malu sbb dh call sepupu n kwn dia. Girl rasa nasib baik girl x naik tren trus g shah alam. Girl x nak on phone dh.
Nantikan babak seterusnya.

*Girl di dalam cerita ini anonymous ye..

lovin this song..!

Lyrics | Rihanna Lyrics | Hatin%27 On The Club Lyrics

the lyrics are a bit dumb where she blames the club for the loss of her love but what the heck, i love the tune, especially the chorus!=)
nk wavepad la, nk edit jd ringtone tp x reti la nk cut n edit.
anyone can do it for me pwiz?