Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To My White Compaq

Dear Laptop,
I don't know why you are doing this to me but I can tell you right now that it freakin sucks and you're giving me a massive headache. Maybe you haven't noticed but you keep hanging on me when I'm doing important things like updating the APNSC program. And then there is nothing I can do but to shut your power and turning you on again. Luckily for you, Microsoft Words was kind enough to save my document so I didn't need to break you into pieces to teach you a lesson.

Maybe you're mad at me for leaving you to that stupid Pakistani man at Low Yat on Saturday to have you reformatted and to upgrade your RAM. I know it might have been traumatic for you since I have only sent you for a reformat once to my soon-to-be brother-in-law. I'm sorry I left you in the hands of an idiotic, sweet talking asshole who gave a good price but then, somehow, screwed up your DVD drive and I had to send you there again the next day. But you see, when the stupid man insisted that your DVD drive was already not functioning when I gave it to him, I screamed at him until he fixed you up just right. And even though Asrul was pissed at me for making a scene, I think it was all worth it to have your DVD drive back to normal, wasn't it? Besides, nobody cheats me!!

But then on Sunday, you decided to screw me over again when your graphics card malfunctioned. You gave me a scare all right, what with your display like a smashed up laptop! And being the nice mommy I am, I took you back to the MidValley outlet where I bought you 3 years ago and the nice man at the shop fixed you in 15 minutes with no charge at all.

Haven't I proven to be a good owner to you? I've even bought you a new cleaning kit, headphones, and an original Bitdefender antivirus to protect you from your "multiple partners" a.k.a pendrives.

So why, oh why, my dear white lappie, do you keep displaying "System Error - Duplicate name exists on network" and keep hanging and won't change your desktop background colour and sometimes make your taskbar dissapear?

What wrong have I done to you to deserve this? Was it because I joked about throwing you out the window when you were so effing slow? Is it because I keep fantasizing about buying a Sony Vaio?

Whatever the reason is, please. PLEASE. Please be okay after I send you for yet another reformat this weekend. This time, I'll send you to the regular soon-to-be brother-in-law, okay? I PROMISE I will never again leave you in the hands of strangers. So please don't be mad at me. Even though you are slow at times and you're covered in scratches and your "B" key falls off sometimes, you're still my one, only and first laptop and I still think you're pretty even after I spilt Ovaltine on you once. I cleaned you up quite good, didn't I?


Your Mommy,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last day of holidays

At last. I won the year-old arguement and dapat g zoo!! Hehe. Puas ati. So we started the day with breakfast around 10.30 a.m. and reached the zoo in the afternoon. What I've always loved most at the zoo are the elephants, deer, and tigers. Yeah, the tigers are really boring to look at cause they sleep through the day as they're up all night but I've just always loved cats and I don't care how dangerous they look, I still think they're kitties to me! Hehe.

I fed the elephants once (I was a bit put off that they were out of reach) and the deers twice. I loved feeding the deers the most cause you could just reach down and pet them.

Btw, here are some photos and videos tapi sikit je coz my digi cam xde battery plak! So pissed off!! So old skool pakai camera phone je la. So x berapa teruja nk amik gmba. Huhhhh =(

So that's one video, there's another one I'll be uploading on Facebook. Ala, pasal feeding deers jugak. Just the second time after we've made the whole round in the zoo. We saw all the animals except the aquarium, seal lions, and penguins! I was so dissappointed after we've made the whole round and I realized we missed some! After I was so careful at looking at the zoo map to make sure we didn't miss any! I guess we were tired and kaki melecet sume.

Oh, and I found out something new bout him today. I've always known that he's a cat lover (like me) so I assumed he's also an animal lover (like me) but... he wouldn't go near any of the animals! I, kambing pon nk pegang! If the tigers weren't so far in captivity, I would've wanted to touch them too! But him..? He was so afraid the deers would bite me! Like, come on la.. They're freaking herbivors! The only animal he touched was the pony and tu pon after I persuade brape kali and when he first touched it, he pulled back quickly and then baru berani pegang betul2..haha! He's so cute la, I just wanna bite him!

But I guess it goes with his "careful" personality. He's the most unadventurous person in the world, trust me.

Best wooo dating kat zoo. I recommend it! =)

We left the zoo around 4 p.m. and headed to midvalley plak for the pet show going on. Hehe. Told you I'm an animal lover. Suke gileeeerrrr.

Cats cats cats. EVERYWHERE. Omg, I sangat rindu nak peluk kucing! I miss my Teddy so much! =( Actually I already went to the exhibition yesterday but I so wanted to show Asrul the cats (cause we wanna get a cat together when I have my own place next year) and today ada cat show competition plak. Haish. I so teruja! =)

This is an American Shorthair. Some people may confuse it with the Bengal but the coat pattern is quite different taw.

Ni plak, as everyone knows, is the pure Persian. Kalo mix Persian, the cat won't have a flat face (which I don't particularly find appealing but I love the kitty anyway).

I wanna get a kitten!! I love long haired ones but I actually want a semi-long cause malas nak jaga. Hehe. Btw, teddy looked sort of like this when I first got him, except he was slightly bigger (he was 3 months old).

Sayang ini kucing! Manyak besar woooo!

But wait.. There were dogs too! I actually like dogs and if it wasn't for the fact that they are haram, I would've had a dog of my own. It's so fun to dress them up and walk them on a leash. How many cats would submit to that, eh?

This is the first time I've ever seen such a HUGE St Bernard!!

Okay2, panjang sangat plak this post. For more pics, look up my Fb k? =)

What I'm dying to tell you is I shopped today! Haha. We had dinner at Oasis, Midvalley (portugese grilled fish, sedap! Dah lame x makan).

And then I managed to persuade him to teman me shopping at MNG. Psssstt. We've been together 2 years and this is the first time he's ever shopped with me. He hates the waiting and choosing and usually sits outside and texts me, pestering me to hurry up. So I really appreciated him teman-ing me today and not complaining a single bit at my indecisiveness and queue yang panjang gile nak gi changing room.


When we got there, he pointed out they were having a 70% sale and I just flipped! Lari2 masuk dalam, pandang kiri kanan, aik? Mana boyfriend ni? Haaa tu dia terkedek2 baru nak datang. Hehe.

Needless to say, the place was packed. Line nak gi changing room panjang gile. But what the heck. I wanna shop!!

I found this really gorgeous blue dress and when I saw the price, I could've shot myself if I didn't buy it. It was only Rm 59!! But Asrul took one look at the revealing top and selected for me a white dress.

Okay, I already have a white dress but he doesn't like me to wear it cause it ends at my thighs and even though I liked the white dress he picked out for me, I have to say, it looks kinda good-little-church-girl.

And it cost Rm 90.

The price didn't bother me much cause my budget was Rm 200 and I could've bought both dresses but Asrul told me to pick just one.

I know it's MY money and MY choice but I listen to him most times. He's the voice of sense when I've got none cause I'm blinded by shopping hormones. And he reminded me I wanted to buy this white Guess bag I saw the other day.


Decisions, decisions.

So, I adored this dress

But I bought this dress

I guess it's not so bad kan? And it'll still go well with the blue Nose heels I bought yesterday. Oh, I also bought an MNG t-shirt. Hehe! Mati kekeringan lepas ni. Anyway, I bought the white dress cause Asrul said he "tak galakkan" I pakai the blue one whenever we go out cause it's too revealing. Aiyok. I nak keluar ngan sape lagi pakai dress kan? Ngan friends tak de makna I nak pakai dress. So I bought the white one cause he liked it. So sad. Tapi okay la. Shopping hormones all cured.

So that's what I did on the last day of semester break. I'm already cringing at the thought of studies, conference, and the accompanying headache.



Nak jiwang jap..

I sayang you manyak2!!! Bile mau kawen??

Thursday, July 2, 2009

09/10 Shopping List

Omg I can't understand why this sem I'm so crazy to shop!! Seriously everything I tgk, I nak! For the first time ever, I'm in love with make up ( after watching makeupgeek.com) .
But gaji keje cuti aritu brape je so I have to wait for my ptptn. Damn! Why so lambat?! Anyway, I can't stand it anymore, so this is my shopping list!

1. Blue heels I saw kat Nose.
2. Something from MNG, I've been dying to shop there.
3. Something from La Senza too >=)
4. Some gold accessories for my college dinner in August.
5. A mask for the said dinner.
6. Asrul's birthday present.
7. Ezzura's birthday present (lambat eh weh!)
8. Eye gel and eye mask for my huge eye bags.
9. Some hair care and skin care stuff at Watson's.
10. Make up for the upcoming dinner
- eye shadow
- glitter make up

Ape lagi eh? Macam kaya sgt je kan! haha. No la, tapi mase angan2 tu cm byk bende je nak beli. Now pikir2, cam x byk sgt pon. Huuurmmm..
You know what, I'm gonna look through this month's CLEO for some inspiration. Eventhough I have to budget cause my dad's retiring next week. But if I have less money to eat, the better eh? Need to lose lots of weight la! Oh, I just remembered something :

11. Beachwear for Sai's birthday party.
12. Birthday present for Sai (nasib baik lambat lagi, hehe!)

Btw, Sai u be my shopping partner k! Ezzura ni always not available! Nak curang ah! =p hehehe

okay2, time to look through CLEO.

Oh, p/s : Me and Asrul will be going to the zoo this weekend! weeee~