Friday, May 1, 2009

Maybe the curse is broken..

1st of May 2009.

I usually cringe at the thought of May. I hate May. I've enough experience to say this month brings me a hell of a lot of bad luck! I don't know how many of my past relationships ended in May (I lost count) but it's enough to make me fear the dreaded month of May.

But I had a good feeling about today. First of all, it's a Friday AND a public holiday and believe me, right now, I just can't get enough of holidays. I welcome them with open arms. Okay, that's an understatement. I welcome holidays right now with a huge smile, open arms, jumping on both feet and clapping. That is how much I want a holiday right now.

So anyway. Me and Arul decided to go out today so I could wear my new top (P&Co, Rm109, *smileee*) which I was so excited to wear, I actually put on make up and eyeliner, a detail he didn't miss. He found it kinda weird to be seeing me in make up for the first time but it was also the first time he said I looked good (probably coz we argued two days ago bout how he never compliments me).

He invited his cousin along and it was okay. We watched X-men Origin, which rocked by the way, I loved it! After the movie, I was in the mood for a pretzel so we stopped by Auntie Anne's and while I was lining up, he told me he wanted one of those pretzel dogs. Which cost Rm5, more than my pretzel and don't think I don't know who's paying. So I told him it costs 5 bucks and he was like, oh okay, and walked away to wait elsewhere.

And so the guilt set in. I don't know why, but I always feel guilty when he pays for something or I deny him something he wants. Probably coz I'm used to paying for everything (we're a rich princess, poor stable boy situation. Not that I'm swimming in money but let's just say my parents give me a healthy pocket money) and I'm also used to giving in to him. So while I was queuing up and feeling guilty, I decided to buy him a pretzel dog. I upgraded it to a pretzel cheese dog actually, just to calm my conscience.

So when I finished paying and he came up to me, he looked all upset that I bought him the dog and said he didn't want it. Well that pissed me off!!!!

I walked off without speaking and when he came to ask me what's wrong, I started rambling about how inconsiderate and ungrateful he was and then stalked off into Diva, an accessory shop I really like. He came in and watched me try on some necklaces and said he was sorry and he really appreciated the hot dog. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it so I just said okay.

Then he asked me which necklace I liked. I said I was torn between one nice white one and another long pearl. He said to wait a while coz he wanted to go outside and smoke. So I stayed, wishing I had more money to buy everything I tried on. When he came back, he asked again which one I liked. I held on to two of the necklaces I liked and asked him which did he prefer and he simply looked at the price tag and said he liked the cheaper one. I laughed and hung them both back and he asked, "U tak nak beli ke?". I had only like, Rm20 something left so I said no. I was surprised when he picked up the one he said was nicer and proceeded to the cashier.

He bought it for me. Not only that, when he said he wanted to go for a smoke, he actually went to withdraw money. And I know that the Rm50 he used to pay for the necklace was the last of his ptptn.

And after all we've been through together, after all the birthdays and anniversaries and valentine's day, this is the first present he's ever bought for me. Yup, he's NEVER bought me anything.

I was so touched I kinda froze while I watched him pay and hand me the necklace, his face all smiles. I was like, "U, tak payah la macam ni, I tak marah u pon..." and he said, "no la u..diam la.."

That made me smile. I told you. He's the most unromantic person I know.

I love him so much.

So I guess the curse is broken. What a wonderful 1st of May it's been.